Student Teaching

Student Teaching is the capstone experience of the music education degree at the University of Arizona, completed in the student’s final semester of the degree program. Each student teacher is placed with an experienced, outstanding music teacher for one semester. During the semester, the student teacher accepts the responsibilities of music teaching under the guidance of the cooperating teacher, including opportunities to implement appropriate pedagogy and develop relationships with students and other teachers. Students receive additional guidance, coaching, and regular contact with their University supervisor and major professor.


Want to know more about student teaching? Visit the College of Fine Arts Office of Field Experiences website.


All music education students must take and pass one certification test: NES Assessment of Professional Knowledge: Secondary (NES APK). Follow the link below for more information, including how to register. Students are expected to take and pass this NES test PRIOR to student teaching.

 NES Certification Tests

Attention Future Student Teachers:

The Music Education Student Teacher Application Meeting is held early in the semester PRIOR to your student teaching semester. This orientation meeting is mandatory for all student teaching applicants and is coordinated by Dr. Karin Nolan, the College of Fine Arts Field Experience director. Please visit the College of Fine Arts Office of Field Experiences website for information about student teaching.



NEW: International Student Teaching Program

The Fred Fox School of Music is excited to announce our new option for student teachers: to complete half of their student teaching semester abroad, in either Norway or China. Students complete their first half of the semester teaching music at a local Tucson school and then travel abroad for their second half of the semester. There is an additional fee associated with this option, including an application and interview process with UA Study Abroad. For more information, visit the College of Fine Arts Office of Field Experiences website, and click on the link for the International Student Teaching Program. 

Current Student Teachers



  1. Please remember that your student teaching begins with the calendar at your school placement. Your start date will usually be earlier than The University of Arizona start date.
  2. Please mark your calendar for the Student Teacher Professional Development Day.
  3. Visit the College of Fine Arts Office of Field Experiences to download a copy of the Student Teaching Guidebook and find dates for required meetings.


Midterm and Final Assessment for Student Teachers

Student Teacher Seminar


Attendance at student teacher seminar is mandatory for all student teachers enrolled in MUS 493M Student Teaching. Seminars are held monthly in the evening throughout the student teaching semester. Students complete reflective assignments related to their teaching and a complete teaching portfolio, both online and hard copy.