Undergraduate Students

Highlights of the Music Education Program


  • Experiences with children throughout the curriculum, including opportunities to teach in outreach programs
  • Faculty who are nationally and internationally recognized experts and experienced music teachers
  • Participation in high-quality music ensembles and comprehensive training in history, theory, and performance.
  • Well-respected graduates with a 100% employment rate
  • One on one guidance and advising from music education faculty

Ready to Apply?

The Undergraduate Program in Music Education


The Music Education Program at the University of Arizona is committed to helping you develop into the finest musician-teacher possible. All of your music education classes are taught by full-time faculty who are committed to the field of education. You will achieve your highest musical potential while gaining the leadership skills necessary to guide the musicians of tomorrow.


Upon graduation, you will be certified to teach all aspects of music in any grade from Kindergarten through high school in any public school in Arizona and many other states. You will join our many graduates who are in leadership positions in school music programs in Arizona and across the country. Because the program develops your musical skills as a performer and conductor, this degree also provides an excellent foundation for you if you wish to continue your studies in graduate school with the goal of becoming a professional conductor, college professor, or professional performer.

Programs of Study

Bachelor of Music in Music Education

Students must pass the Music Education Advisory Review (MEAR) to enroll in upper level music education courses and College of Education courses. The MEAR includes demonstrations in public speaking, sight-singing, and error detection.

A grade of “C” or better in MUS 250 is required to take the MEAR. Please read the program of study for more details. You will also find more information about the MEAR on the Resources for Undergraduates page of the website. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with the academic advisor at least once per semester.

Resources for Undergraduates


All music education students must take and pass the NES Certification Test prior to their student teaching semester. There is one test that music education students must take: Assessment of Professional Knowledge: Secondary Test. Follow the link below for more information, including how to register.


Links to Files and Web Resources:

 Rubistar-Rubric Building Site for Music Assessment




    A component of all music education courses at the University of Arizona is classroom observation in the public school system. Due to this component, all students enrolled in music education courses, beginning with MUS 250: Introduction to Music Education, must apply for and receive a State of Arizona Fingerprint Clearance card, per state law.


    Upon clearance acceptance, you will receive a card in the mail. This card is good for six years and therefore will serve your needs for the student teaching experience and for your first teaching position should you choose to teach in Arizona. You should apply for this card TODAY as the process can take as long as 8 weeks.


    Please visit the College of Fine Arts Office of Field Experience website for complete instructions regarding obtaining the IVP Fingerprint Clearance Card.